‘HOW TO’ VIDEOS for your GARMIN MARINE electronics

We understand that not everyone can get to a electrical shop or electrician. Here, at Sunshine Coast Marine Electrical Doctor we are giving you the tricks of the trade, to do your own marine electrical jobs. Tommy and Rob have put together some videos to make your electrical jobs look professional How to wire your […]


Coming soon small quantities of marine electrical products

Sunshine Coast Marine Electrical Doctor is soon going to be offering copper lugs, heat shrink, connectors, and cable in small quantities so you can work on your boat. We get it…people who live rural and don’t have access to a Marine Doctor want to work on their own boats. So we will be putting together […]

Not Just a Tinnie

This tinnie Instal includes Garmin Marine, Gt56, Fusion Speakers and sound, Force trolling motor lighting and GLS10

This tinnie is going to stand out with all the bells and whistles. It has a lighting system for everything that happens in the boat and around. Not only will they see This tinnie coming, they will hear it coming with a newly installed Garmin Fusion system. Install included a Garmin Force Trolling Motor and, […]

Unlocking Seamless Communication: The Garmin NMEA Starter Kit

Garmin Marine NMEA starter kit purchase from www.scmarinedoc.com.au

In the realm of marine navigation, Garmin has consistently been at the forefront of technological advancements. One of their notable offerings is the Garmin NMEA Starter Kit, a versatile solution that enables seamless communication between various marine instruments. This article aims to explore the applications and benefits of the Garmin NMEA Starter Kit, as well […]