In an ongoing effort to improve our products and provide enhanced features to existing users, we are excited to announce the Q4 2023 marine software update. The update provides improved functionality and new features throughout our marine systems.

The preferred update method is a free download using the ActiveCaptain® mobile app or from a computer with Garmin Express™ software. A preloaded update card is also available for purchase and will be shipped directly from Garmin.

For the most up-to-date chart data available, visit our chart update page or to find information on updating your device’s charts, or tap the Download Charts option from the ActiveCaptain app to see what’s available. For other options and more information on available marine charts, visit our marine charts and maps web page (Marine Types of Updates | Garmin.

Power-Pole® Integration — Charge Integration

This update allows users to monitor battery status, emergency start, select where power is directed when charging, and transfer power between power banks from the Garmin chartplotter.

This functionality requires the purchase of a Power-Pole CHARGE unit and C-Monster GATEWAY through Power-Pole.

Chartplotter inReach® Features (SOS, Custom Messaging and Improved Pairing) With this update, users can initiate and cancel inReach SOS directly from a Garmin chartplotter. Additionally, users can communicate with emergency responders from the chartplotter. This functionality requires the purchase of a compatible inReach device

UI Improvements: Color Themes

This update allows users to customize the accent colors on their chartplotter. The color themes affect the highlight, text titles, and various UI pages such as gauge and media.

Telematics ActiveCaptain® App Alarm Improvements

This update makes improvements to OnDeck™ hub data display, alarm, sensor tile display and expanded engine monitoring.

These changes include:

  • Improved Access — Easily view temperature and voltage information monitored directly from the OnDeck hub within the chartplotter’s vessel page data fields.
  • Alarm Improvements — Stay on top of critical systems and set basic or advanced alarm settings, allowing for customisation of ranges, duration of alarms and cumulative state in a given period.
  • Geofence and Offline Alarms — Updated to be more intuitive and improve ease of use for both new and existing customers.
  • Sensor Tile Grouping — Simplify your view with a new configuration allowing for multiple sensors of a similar category to be grouped together for better organisation of more complex systems. For example, group engine sensor tiles by engine to simplify your OnDeck dashboard.
  • Expanded NMEA 2000® Engine and Transmission Data Monitoring — Keep tabs on your engine health, and use OnDeck to monitor an additional NMEA 2000 metrics and an additional 23 engine warnings

Mercury Marine® Active Trim

Active trim automatically controls the trim of the boat’s engine to maximise performance. This update adds a new overlay bar and configuration menu that is used to control active trim on Mercury engines. The new overlay bar allows the user to configure the Mercury active trim minor profile and adds a menu that allows the user to configure the Mercury active trim feature and change the Mercury active trim profile.

Heave Compensation

Now GPSMAP® chartplotters and Garmin sonar boxes — like GSD™ 26 — can flatten sonar returns when using the MSC™ 10 marine satellite compass.

Sailing SmartMode™ and Sailing Navigation Chart Presets

 This update expands SmartMode, allowing the user to change multiple displays to show relevant sailing information with a single button press. The new sailing SmartMode icons appear in the SmartMode area when the vessel type is a sailboat. In addition, new navigation chart presets specifically for sailing are linked and activated when the new sailing SmartMode is used

BLUETOOTH Headset Voice Assistant Button

With this update, the BLUETOOTH headset voice assistant button feature offers users a new way to activate voice control on chartplotter without saying, “OK, Garmin.” The purpose of this feature is to save the battery life of the user’s headset. Users can activate voice control by pressing/tapping the dedicated feature button on their connected headset. Users will also be able to customise the wake mode in the Settings/Communications/Wireless Device/Headset menubased on their specific usage scenarios when connecting a headset to the chartplotter. The new feature is not compatible with AirPods®. Additionally, if the connected headset does not support the voice assistant feature, customers can only activate voice control on the chartplotter by saying, “OK, Garmin.”

Voice Control – Additional Voice Commands

This update adds an additional voice control commands to the USB Voice Control Dongle.

New voice control commands:

LiveScope™ enhancements: With this feature, the user can adjust forward and depth range of the sonar, as well as gain, and request to be shown a particular function page if it is currently configured. This feature adds the following functionality:

  • Sonar range increase/decrease
  • Sonar forward range increase/decrease
  • Sonar gain increase/decrease
  • Sonar range auto
  • Sonar gain auto
  • Show LiveScope down
  • Show LiveScope up
  • Show FrontVü™
  • Show RealVü™ forward
  • Show RealVü down
  • Show RealVü historical
  • Show LiveVü™
  • Show LiveVü forward
  • Show LiveVü™ down

Third-Party Navigation Support

This update enables support for route transfer with third-party software that follows the NMEA 2000® and NMEA 0183 standards. This allows the user to receive routes over NMEA, which makes it easy to get preplanned routes. Users can now obtain weather-planned routes and transfer these directly to their Garmin chartplotter. Expedition and OpenCPN are examples of software that support NMEA standards for route transfer.

Chart Zoom Improvements

This update improves the chart display while zooming out and panning, so it’s quicker for the user to orient themselves.

Smartwatch Control for Force® and Force® Kraken Trolling Motors

Connect your compatible Garmin smartwatch to control steering, anchor lock and more from your wrist. Visit here to view compatible Garmin smartwatches.

Tides and Current Toolbars

This update adds new overlay bars to show tide and current information. The new user interface displays a graphical summary of tide and current data, reported by the closest station or a station chosen by the user. This data can be used as a toolbar on the top or bottom of the screen and can be taken to full-screen mode from the toolbar

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