GARMIN Marine Power Innovation Award. Leading Sonar Integration

Boating Magazine have selected Garmin’s Force Kraken trolling motor for a Marine Power Innovation (MPI) Award! The Boating MPI Awards honor marine propulsion manufacturers and their products that substantially advance the technology and/or owner experience.

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Garmin Force Kraken Trolling Motors

Garmin’s Force Kraken trolling motors advance the technology of trolling motors while also advancing the owner experience of using an electric trolling motor.

The brushlees Force Kraken is up to 37 percent more efficient than competitive brushed motors. It won’t fuzz up fish-finder screens with static. It has the ability to spin the prop backward to hasten response time and provide more control to the boat owner. Multiband GPS improves anchor lock. At the low end, the Force Kraken decelerates the motor within a meter of the desired location using reverse prop spin. At the high end, the Kraken applies more aggressive motor speed for improved performance in challenging seas, important as so many coastal anglers now use trolling motors.

Read More About the Garmin Force Kraken: New Bow-Mount Brushless Trolling Motors (New Bow-Mount Brushless Trolling Motors | Boating Mag)

For increasing electrical efficiency, for diminishing the static that other trolling motors can create on fishfinder screens, for the ability to spin the prop in reverse, and more, we award Garmin a Marine Power Innovation Award. Congratulations!

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