He’s consistent!! Tommy Wood from ABT Tinaroo

That’s a wrap! The first 2 round of the @abttournaments Barra tour at Lake tinaroo are all finished and man was she a grind. Firstly just want to congratulate Geoff and Phill for taking out the first round as well as Adam and Joe for winning the all nighter, well done boys!

We managed a 2nd place in both events with the 1st round only put by 130grams! Was awesome to show @j_lowry around the lake, definitely didn’t fish as well as other years but still one of the the coolest lakes we visit on the tour. A lot of hours not catching fish result in some crap talk out on the water with Josh… we are leading TOY with 4 more events left on the tour, anything can happen but we are gonna go hard!

We were the only team that managed to get a bag in both rounds but they weren’t easy! The all nighter I didn’t step off the trolling motor all night scoping Barra with the Samaki vibelicious between 3pm to 7am. Managed to fill the bag between 2am and 4am!

The Garmin LVS34 matched with a 8416 is on top of the Live game hands down… being able to look out 100-120ft/135 degrees makes these deep shutdown Barramundi a lot easier to find! If you are looking to get into the livescope game make sure to give us a call or swing me a message 🙌🏼

I wouldn’t be up here if I didn’t have the support from Samaki! So awesome to be part of an awesome company that’s evolving with the sport, we got some cool stuff coming! Phantom Craw in the 100mm soft vibe was the pick this week.

Also thanks to Dad for coming up for a pre fish this year, always a fun time out on the water! He fishes harder than anyone else I know, he stays out all night and puts up with the tough conditions night after night.

Big thanks to the team at abt for the opportunity to come up here! Thanks to Wilson and Rapala for sponsoring the events! Thanks to Barra Jacks Kawana for supplying me with all the best gear on the market, they always keep up with newest gear coming out! Wouldn’t have been able to stay out on the cold and rainy nights with out the gear from BucknBass, she was trying conditions! Shout out to Maui Jim for the spectacles 👓 🤌🏼

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