C12-105XDA AGM Battery


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The Century C12-105XDA Deep Cycle AGM batteries represent the ultimate in deep cycle technology and performance. They incorporate Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, which utilizes a porous glass fibre mat separator to absorb and contain loose electrolyte, eliminating the risk of acid spills or leaks. The batteries are designed to be sealed and maintenance-free, eliminating the need for regular electrolyte top-ups.

These batteries boast a low internal resistance and low self-discharge rates, which allow for faster recharge and longer shelf life. Once fully charged, they can be stored for extended periods of time and easily recharged using a variety of AGM compatible chargers, including those with temperature compensation if used in high heat environments. For more detailed information, refer to the battery specification sheets.

The Century Deep Cycle AGM batteries are ideally suited for use in applications that require fast recharge, improved vibration resistance, and superior deep cycle performance.

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