Deck Mount Stabiliser Kit for Kraken

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Compatible Devices

Force® Kraken Trolling motor

Force® Kraken Trolling motor


Enhance your boat’s stability with the Deck Mount Stabilizer Kit, a reliable solution for minimizing rolling and swaying. This kit, featuring a sturdy deck mount and adjustable stabilizer arms, ensures quick, straightforward installation on various boat sizes. Bid farewell to excessive rocking and welcome a smoother, more enjoyable boating experience.

Designed for durability and precision, the Deck Mount Stabiliser Kit offers optimal stability in diverse sea conditions. Its versatility suits different boat models, providing a customisable solution for your vessel’s unique needs. Whether you’re navigating coastal waters or heading offshore, this kit delivers enhanced control and comfort.

Experience the confidence of a stable ride without compromising on simplicity. Upgrade your boating adventure today with the Deck Mount Stabiliser Kit, and enjoy the freedom of a smoother journey on the water.

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