Garmin Marine Network Adapter Cable, Small (Male) to Large

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Convert your compatible device’s network connector from small (male) to large so it can connect to a compatible Garmin chartplotter.

Compatible devices

  • GC 200 Marine IP Camera
  • GLS10 Sonar Module
  • GMR 1234/1236
  • GMR 18/24 xHD3
  • GMR 2534/2536 xHD3
  • GMR 434/436 xHD3
  • GMR Fantom 124
  • GMR Fantom
  • 126
  • GMR Fantom
  • 18x/24x Dome Radar
  • GMR Fantom 254
  • GMR Fantom 256
  • GMR Fantom 54/56
  • Livescope Plus LVS34 Transducer only
  • Livescope Plus System with GLS10 and LVS34 transducer
  • Livescope XR LVS62
  • Livescope XR System
  • Panoptix Livescope System


Upgrade your marine electronics network with the Garmin BlueNet™ Network Cable. Designed for precision and performance, this high-quality cable ensures seamless data transfer and connectivity on the water.

Key Features:

1. Reliable Connectivity: The BlueNet™ Network Cable provides a dependable link between your Garmin marine devices, ensuring they communicate flawlessly.

2. High-Quality Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, this cable is built to withstand the demands of the marine environment, including exposure to saltwater and harsh weather conditions.

3. Seamless Data Transfer: Experience smooth and rapid data transfer, vital for sharing information between different marine electronics and instruments, enhancing your overall navigation experience.

4. Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of Garmin marine products, the BlueNet™ Network Cable is a versatile solution to enhance the performance of your onboard systems.

5. Easy Installation: Installing this cable is straightforward, even for those with limited technical expertise. It ensures a hassle-free integration into your existing marine network.

6. Superior Performance: Enjoy the benefits of enhanced data exchange, reduced lag, and more precise navigation, thanks to the reliable connectivity provided by this cable.

Ensure your marine electronics work seamlessly together with the Garmin BlueNet™ Network Cable. It’s a crucial component to enhance your navigation experience, allowing you to navigate, fish, or explore the water with confidence and precision. Upgrade your marine electronics network with this high-quality cable from Garmin.


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