GPS 24xd NMEA 2000

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  • GPS 24xd NMEA 2000®
  • Pole mount
  • Surface mount
  • Under-deck mount
  • NMEA 2000 backbone/drop cable (6 metres)
  • NMEA 2000 T-connector
  • Documentation
  • Dimensions (D x H): 91.6 mm x 49.5 mm (3 19/32″ x 1 15/16″)
  • Weight: 201 g (7.1 oz)
  • Cable length: 6 m (19 ft 8″)
  • Temperature range: -30° to 80° C (-22° to 176° F), white; -30° to 65° C (-22° to 149° F), black
  • Case material: Fully gasketed, high-impact plastic alloy; waterproof to IPX7
  • Compass-safe distance: 150 mm (5.9″)
  • Power source input: 9-32 Vdc
  • Input current: 150 mA at 12 Vdc
  • NMEA 2000 Load Equivalency Number (LEN): 3 (150 mA)
  • Position accuracy, typical marine use: < 1 meter CEP, < 3 meters, 95%



Multi-band GNSS provides precise location accuracy1 to within 1 metre to compatible marine multifunction displays, instrument displays and autopilots.


The magnetic heading sensor provides accuracy to within 3 degrees, stabilising charts, radar overlay and MARPA even at slow speeds.


Fast 10 Hz position update rates provide high-sensitivity position, velocity and time data.


GPS 24xd provides access to four key global navigation satellite systems (GPS, Galileo2, GLONASS and BeiDou2) to more accurately track in challenging conditions than GPS alone.


Multi-SBAS compatibility corrects signal measurement errors and provides information about the accuracy, integrity, continuity and availability of its signals.


Installation is easy with under-deck, pole and surface-mount options.


Elevate your marine navigation with the Garmin GPS 24xd NMEA 2000. This high-performance GPS receiver is designed to deliver precise and reliable positioning data for your vessel, enhancing your overall boating experience.

Key Features:

1. Accurate Positioning: The GPS 24xd provides accurate and real-time positioning data, allowing you to confidently navigate through various waters, from open seas to intricate waterways.

2. NMEA 2000 Connectivity: With NMEA 2000 compatibility, this GPS receiver seamlessly integrates into your vessel’s network, ensuring efficient data sharing and streamlined communication with other marine electronics.

3. Quick Satellite Acquisition: Thanks to its high-sensitivity receiver, the GPS 24xd rapidly acquires satellite signals, reducing the time spent waiting for a strong GPS fix.

4. Robust Construction: Built to withstand the demanding marine environment, this device is designed to resist corrosion and the effects of saltwater, ensuring longevity and reliability.

5. Plug-and-Play Installation: Installing the GPS 24xd is straightforward, making it accessible for boaters with varying levels of technical expertise.

6. Enhanced Navigation: Enjoy advanced features, such as high-speed updates, for smoother and more precise navigation, ensuring you reach your destination with confidence.

7. Wide Compatibility: This GPS receiver is compatible with a range of Garmin marine electronics and chartplotters, enhancing the functionality of your onboard navigation system.

Upgrade your marine navigation with the Garmin GPS 24xd NMEA 2000, and experience the benefits of precise, real-time positioning data and seamless integration with your vessel’s network. Whether you’re cruising, fishing, or sailing, this device enhances your boating adventures with reliable and accurate GPS data.


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