Power Receptacle, force trolling motor

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Use this to add a 70A power plug to your Force trolling motor


  • Force Trolling Motor, 50” trolling motor, Black
  • Force Trolling Motor, 57” trolling motor, Black
  • Force Kraken Trolling Motor, 63” trolling motor, White
  • Force Kraken Trolling Motor, 75” trolling motor, White
  • Force Kraken Trolling Motor, 90” trolling motor, White
  • Force Kraken Trolling Motor, 63” trolling motor, Black with GT56
  • Force Kraken Trolling Motor, 75” trolling motor, Black with Gt 56


Elevate your boating experience with the Garmin Power Receptacle designed for the Force™ Trolling Motor. This essential accessory ensures a secure and efficient electrical connection, allowing you to make the most of your trolling motor and enjoy uninterrupted boating and fishing adventures.

Key Features:

1. Reliable Connection: The Garmin Power Receptacle provides a dependable and secure connection between your trolling motor and your boat’s electrical system, minimizing the risk of power interruptions during your journeys.

2. Enhanced Control: This accessory empowers you to have better control over your Force™ Trolling Motor, enabling you to navigate the water with precision and confidence.

3. Easy Installation: Installing the Power Receptacle is a hassle-free process, designed to be user-friendly even for those with limited technical expertise.

4. Durable Build: Constructed to withstand the harsh marine environment, the power receptacle boasts robust durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring longevity and performance.

5. Versatile Compatibility: Specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with Force™ Trolling Motors, it’s the perfect complement to your boat’s electrical system.

6. Steady Power Supply: With the Garmin Power Receptacle, you can count on a consistent and reliable power supply for your trolling motor, reducing the risk of disruptions during your boating and fishing adventures.

Choose the Garmin Power Receptacle for the Force™ Trolling Motor to enhance your boating experience. This accessory not only provides better control and performance but also offers peace of mind, knowing your electrical connections are secure and dependable. Elevate your adventures on the water with Garmin.

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