Certified Copper Cable LUGS


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1. Certified and tested to AS/NZS 4325:1995 

2. Made from 99.9% OFHC copper

3. Tin 99.9% plated 3 to 5 Microns. 

4. Total Conductivity 99.5% – Total Resistivity 1.738 micro-ohm cm 

5. Operating temperature to 155°C 

6. Suitable for AC/DC applications

7. Copper tin plated lug for power cables are rated voltage up to 35kV 

8. We recommend hexagon double crimp where it suitable fits

Lug size HSTD

Dual Wall

CTL10 HSTD 9/3
CTL16 HSTD 12/4
CTL25 HSTD 19/6
CTL35 HSTD 24/8
CTL50 HSTD 24/8
CTL70 HSTD 24/8
CTL95 HSTD 24/8

Recommended Crimping Practices

Crimping Certified Australian Standard Lugs AS/NZS 4325-1995
Our lugs are supplied by Pacific Components Elec branded copper lugs have been tested and certified to the
Australian Standard AS/NZS4325-1995 in conjunction with our crimp tool KBCP13400.
Before starting the crimping process check that the cable and lug are free from oxidisation. Clean with a wire brush if

Make sure that the cable has been stripped correctly and cleanly and there is no damage to the conductors. The
stripped length should be around 10% longer than the dimensions of the cable lug barrel. This is important as
compressing the lug while crimping increases the length of the lug.

Make sure that the crimp dies are clean and not damaged. It is recommended that these dies be of a hexagon shape.
It is vitally important to make sure that the dies and the lugs are manufactured to the Australian standard. Dies not
made to Australian standards will NOT compress Australian certified lugs correctly resulting in a poor termination.
Make sure that the correct size die is used. Our dies are marked with the lug size embossed on the inside of the hex.
This size is marked on the lug so you can tell if the lug has been crimped with the correct size die.

Once you are ready to crimp, insert the cable into the barrel making sure that it goes all the way to the end. You will
be able to see through the lug inspection window if the cable is inserted correctly. When crimping links make sure
the cable is pushed in as far as it will go. Start the crimping process by crimping the palm side of the lug first and
work your back to the cable entry point. The number of crimps for the size of lug will be listed in our specification
sheet. When crimping a link you start in the centre of the link and move back toward the cable entry. This allows the
material to elongate and reduces the risk of cracking.

There are two basic indicators to look for to ensure a successful crimp has occurred. Firstly make sure that the dies
touch before the crimp tool is released. The second is to measure the crimp diameter and make sure the
measurement is no greater than the across face value of the dies. This value can be found in our specification data

This document has been produced as a guide only


Introducing Certified Copper Cable LUGS, available at Sunshine Coast Marine Electrical Doctor. These high-quality copper lugs are the perfect solution for secure and efficient electrical connections in marine applications. Designed to meet industry standards, these lugs offer reliability, durability, and peace of mind.

Crafted from premium-grade copper, these lugs provide excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion. With their sturdy construction, they are built to withstand the harsh marine environment and ensure long-lasting performance. The Certified Copper Cable LUGS are designed to deliver maximum current carrying capacity, minimizing power loss and optimizing the efficiency of your electrical systems.

The precision-engineered design of these lugs ensures a proper fit and tight connection, reducing the risk of loose connections and voltage drop. Each lug is carefully crafted to provide a seamless and secure connection, enabling smooth power transmission and minimizing the potential for electrical issues.

These Certified Copper Cable LUGS are available in various sizes to accommodate different wire gauges and terminal types. The range of options ensures compatibility with a wide range of marine electrical applications, allowing for easy installation and a customized solution for your specific needs.

At Sunshine Coast Marine Electrical Doctor, we understand the importance of reliable electrical connections for the safety and performance of your boat. That’s why we offer Certified Copper Cable LUGS as a trusted choice for marine electrical installations and repairs. With their high conductivity and durability, these lugs provide a solid foundation for your electrical systems.

Whether you’re a boat owner, marine electrician, or DIY enthusiast, investing in Certified Copper Cable LUGS is a smart choice. Ensure the integrity of your electrical connections and maintain optimal performance on the water.

Visit Sunshine Coast Marine Electrical Doctor and explore our selection of Certified Copper Cable LUGS. Trust in their quality, durability, and compatibility to deliver the reliable electrical connections your boat deserves. Take your marine electrical projects to the next level with Certified Copper Cable LUGS.

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CTL10-6, CTL10-8, CTL10-10, CTL 10-12, CTL16-6, CTL70-6, CTL16-8, CTL70-8, CTL16-10, CTL16-12, CTL25-8, CTL25-10, CTL25-12, CTL35-8, CTL35-10, CTL50-8, CTL50-10, CTL50-12, CTL70-6, CTL70-8, CLT70-10, CTL70-12, CTL95-8, CTL95-10, CTL95-12

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