Garmin GT51M-TM


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Installation: Transon Mount. Tradition Sonar: Mid Chirp. ClearVü – 260/455 KHZ. SideVü – 260/455 KHZ

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TRANSDUCER FREQUENCY CHIRP Mid-band (80-160 kHz); ClearVü/SideVü CHIRP 260 kHz (245-275 kHz) & 455 kHz (445-465 kHz)
TRANSDUCER POWER CHIRP Traditional 600 W; ClearVü/SideVü 500 W
TRANSDUCER BEAMWIDTH Traditional: 24°-13°
ClearVü/SideVü: 2.0°x51° @ 260 kHz and 1.4°x29° @ 455 kHz
TRANSDUCER MAXIMUM DEPTH Traditional: 1,800 ft.; ClearVü: 1,000 ft.; SideVü: 750 ft.

Perfect for the coastal and offshore fisherman who want CHIRP traditional sonar, CHIRP ClearVü and CHIRP SideVü scanning sonar, this transom mounted transducer consistently displays clear and crisp fish arches with superior target separation as well as clear pictures of objects, structure and fish that pass below and to each side of your boat and is optimized for rough sea conditions.

The CHIRP ClearVü/SideVü elements have a power rating of 500 W per element and operating frequencies of 260/455 kHz. The traditional CHIRP sonar has a power rating of 600 W and operating frequencies of mid-band CHIRP 80-160 kHz. It also includes a built-in fast response temperature sensor.

GT51M-TM includes a 12-pin transducer with mounting hardware and installation instructions. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your boat.


Introducing the Garmin GT51M-TM, an extraordinary transducer that will revolutionize your marine adventures. Exclusively available at Sunshine Coast Marine Electrical Doctor, this innovative device combines advanced sonar technologies with unparalleled performance.

With its dual-frequency CHIRP ClearVü and CHIRP SideVü capabilities, the GT51M-TM provides an immersive underwater experience like never before. Dive into crystal-clear waters and explore the depths with exceptional clarity and detail, allowing you to spot fish, underwater structures, and even potential hazards with astonishing accuracy.

Designed for versatility, the GT51M-TM features a compact and easy-to-install transducer. Its sleek design and durable construction ensure optimal performance in various water conditions, from freshwater lakes to saltwater oceans.

Experience enhanced target separation and improved target tracking with the GT51M-TM’s high-definition scanning sonar. This advanced technology enables you to locate fish and distinguish them from surrounding objects, giving you an edge in your fishing expeditions.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the GT51M-TM is effortless to operate. With adjustable settings and intuitive controls, you can customize your sonar display to suit your preferences and maximize your fishing success.

Furthermore, the GT51M-TM includes a convenient trolling motor mount, allowing you to easily attach it to your boat’s motor for seamless integration. Enjoy uninterrupted sonar scanning and uninterrupted fishing action.

At Sunshine Coast Marine Electrical Doctor, we are committed to providing exceptional marine products that elevate your boating experience. The Garmin GT51M-TM is no exception, delivering unrivaled performance and innovation.

Unleash the power of Garmin’s GT51M-TM transducer and embark on a thrilling underwater adventure. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or an avid boater, this transducer is a game-changer. Visit Sunshine Coast Marine Electrical Doctor today and take your marine excursions to new depths.

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