Garmin Marine Network Cable Coupler

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Use our cable coupler to join two marine network cables end-to-end. 


Introducing the Garmin Marine Network Cable Coupler – Small connectors, your solution for extending and connecting marine network cables effortlessly. Designed with small connectors and measuring 1.83m/6ft in length, this cable coupler offers convenience and flexibility for expanding your marine network.

Whether you need to connect multiple devices on your boat or extend the reach of your existing network, the Garmin Marine Network Cable Coupler is here to simplify the process. It features durable construction and reliable performance, ensuring seamless data transmission and maintaining the integrity of your network connection.

With its small connectors, this cable coupler saves space and provides a neat and organized setup on your vessel. Say goodbye to tangled cables and cluttered installations, and enjoy a streamlined network setup that enhances your boating experience.

The 1.83m/6ft length offers ample reach to connect devices in various locations, providing flexibility in your network configuration. Whether you’re connecting chartplotters, fishfinders, radars, or other compatible marine electronics, this cable coupler ensures a secure and stable connection for uninterrupted data transfer.

The Garmin Marine Network Cable Coupler is built to withstand the harsh marine environment, with corrosion-resistant connectors and rugged construction. It is designed to handle the challenges of marine use, including exposure to saltwater, UV rays, and rough weather conditions.

Invest in the Garmin Marine Network Cable Coupler – Small connectors to expand and enhance your marine network with ease. Enjoy seamless integration of your marine electronics, improved data sharing, and a more efficient boating experience. Shop now at Sunshine Coast Marine Electrical Doctor and take your marine network to the next level.

Note: This product is compatible with Garmin marine network cables and connectors. Ensure compatibility with your existing network setup before purchase.

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