Registering your Garmin Device (From the Garmin Marine Support Center)

Click here for more information on registering your Garmin Device.

Click here to access the Garmin Marine Support Center.

NOTE: VHF and AIS devices do not get registered. Retain the device’s proof of purchase for warranty and service.

There are three ways to register Garmin® marine devices:

NOTE: Garmin charts can only be registered through the Garmin Express™ application or ActiveCaptain® app. See the steps below for chart registration.

  • Garmin Express desktop application* (device registration, chart updates, and chart registration).
  • ActiveCaptain mobile app* (device registration, chart updates; chart registration for Garmin Navionics+ but not G3 charts).
  • Website registration (devices not for charts).

*ActiveCaptain and Garmin Express are the preferred methods for registration. These methods allow for registration of multiple devices at once as well as instant access to software and chart updates.

Some devices may not be compatible with certain registration methods. Select a product below for registration instructions.

Garmin Marine Device Registration with Garmin Express.

Watch the YouTube here

Garmin Marine Device Registration with Garmin Express.

Watch the YouTube here

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