Review: What screen is best to use with your GARMIN Marine Panoptix Livescope: LVS34 & GLS10

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Do you watch posts or YouTube and see awesome quality perspective Livescope footage and then go to your Garmin screen and wonder why your screen doesn’t look the same. What screen is best to use for the Garmin Livescope LVS 34? It is a simple answer….The bigger the screen the better the resolution and more pixels.

The following is the resolution and screen types for the Garmin screens.

Rob recommendations the Garmin GPSMAP8412xsv or the Garmin GPSMAP8416xsv to use with your Panoptic Livescope LVS 34. He bases this decision on the display size and the screen resolution. have a look below.

We understand that everyone works to a budget when purchasing but this might help in the decision making process.

FHD- full high definition – WXGA- wide extended graphics array.

GPSMAP 8416xsv 1920 x1080 pixels – FHD Screen

GPSMAP 8412xsv 1920 x1080 pixels – FHD screen

GPSMAP 8410xsv 1920 x1200 pixels – WUXGA SCREEN

GPSMAP 953xsv 1280×720 pixels WXGA Screen

ECHOMAP 125sv 1280×800 pixels – WXGA Screen

ECHOMAP105sv 1280×800 pixels – WXGA Screen

ECHOMAP Ultra 95sv 1024×600 pixels -UHD2 – WSVGA screen type.

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